Repairs and Restorations

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The life span of a Pianola is approximately 40 years for the stack and 20 years for the bellows set (in good working condition) providing that the Pianola has been used regularly.

At the Australian Piano and Pianola Factory, we have brought back to life many neglected pianos and pianolas. Some of them (known as 'gutted pianolas') came to us with no Pianola action in them at all, and we tailor-fitted a replacement stack and bellows to them to make them 'play again'. We have also restored many pianos that were considered as 'tip material'.


Why Repair Your Old Instrument?

Pianolas have been a part of many families for decades and have provided hours of fun during family gatherings with the famous sing-along, with the Pianolas playing the music. Singing good old tunes and having a jolly good time is always associated with Pianolas. You can bring the good times back by having your Pianola repaired or restored to its former glory. Pianolas represent part of our family history and have wonderful sentimental value to many people, as well as providing tons of fun to the modern families singing modern songs. As well as all of this nostalgia and fun, Pianolas have a big and warm tone - perfectly suited to both learning and professional pianists to play and practice upon.

Pianos are also part of many families, and often are passed onto the family members. Besides, it is difficult to replace the quality of the older pianos, and many people prefer to maintain the quality. The pianos we offer are exclusively made in Europe, Australia and USA as it is our belief that the sound quality of these pianos is irreplaceable. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • The quality of timber used in the manufacturing
  • Actual height of the instrument also has a crucial role in the tone colour and fullness of the tone
  • Beauty of the timber grain
  • Authentic manufacturing materials used (glues, shellac, etc.)

These reasons alone warrant the investment of restoration. Additionally, you will also receive a unique tuning system for your piano that is not used in today’s pianos, which means you can pass on your restored piano through your family for generations.

Most modern pianos are made of cheap chipboard (that’s why most of them belong in the kitchen!) - chipboard just doesn’t resonate like real timber .

Action Repairs

The Australian Piano and Pianola Factory carries out all repairs of pianos and pianolas in the traditional manner, thus prolonging the life of all main internal parts of the instrument, i.e. "the pianola action", which includes the stack and the bellows. While carrying out repairs or services, we use only the finest materials, natural glues and handmade replacement parts which, along with precise adjustments of the pianola’s internal mechanicals, assure that the pianola performs to its maximum efficiency - just like the manufacturer intended. As well as these traditional restorations of pianolas, we can also offer you the same service for piano actions.

The following is a list of player actions that we have restored over the years. (Note: These listed names of pianola actions are not to be confused with pianola brand names as they are two different things.)

German Player Actions

  • Zimmerman
  • Kastner
  • Stems

Australian/American/Canadian/English Player Actions

  • Standard
  • Simplex
  • Amphion
  • Aeolian
  • Gulbransen
  • Autopiano
  • Cable
  • Starr
  • Lester
  • Straube
  • Strauch Bros/Master Action
  • Otto Higel (all five types)